Posted February 10, 2019 10:02:54 Alberta students can apply for a full academic degree through the province’s Department of Education.

The Department of Advanced Education is responsible for overseeing the accreditation of higher education programs and will work with all universities, including universities with an academic program in education.

The department is currently working with more than 100 universities across the province to determine which ones will be able to apply for the provincial government’s Academic Education Program.

Students can choose one of the programs available to them through the department’s online application.

“We’ve made the decision that we will not offer students the option of applying for a diploma and certificates program,” said Julie Smith, the program director.

“There are several universities in Alberta that are already certified by the university accrediting agency, and we’re working with them to determine what they need to do.”

Smith said it is important that students are aware of what they can expect once they apply.

“If they have a diploma, they’re expected to take the course that’s been approved by the department, and then they’ll go to the university and take the appropriate courses, and that’s it.

They can then apply to the province for a certificate of completion,” she said.

Smith said that the department is encouraging students to review their degree plans and the accreditors’ criteria for certifying universities.

“Students need to be aware that if they have an academic qualification, they may not be able access the province of Alberta’s academic program,” she added.

Students should be aware they may need to apply to transfer to another university in the province, or that the university may need some other kind of accreditation.

“The only way that they can transfer to a university is if they complete a degree in education or they are admitted to the program and graduate,” Smith said.

“So students should definitely be aware of the options they have.”

Students should also know the types of programs offered in their area.

“You can apply to a program at the university that’s accredited by the provincial accreditor,” she explained.

Smith recommends students read the guidelines on the university’s website, or contact the university directly to determine the accreditations for their program.