College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – Bachelor of Science in Clinical and Integrative Pharmacy – 5.0 credits in clinical and integrative pharmacy with a minimum of 3.0 credit hours in elective courses and 1.0 hours in courses in a specialty area or subject area.

The bachelor’s is an undergraduate degree that is not transferable to another college or university.

Students must complete the graduate program in pharmacy.

To earn the Bachelor of Arts in Clinical Pharmacology, a student must complete a minimum 3.5 credits of clinical and integrated pharmacology.

To gain the Bachelor’s of Science degree in Clinical Pharmacy, students must complete an additional 3.75 credits of pharmacology and pharmacology courses and an additional 2.75 of elective chemistry courses.

In addition, the student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Students who do not meet the graduation requirements for the Bachelor or the Bachelor and Associate of Science degrees must also complete the Ph.

D. degree.

The Ph.

M. in Clinical Pharmaceutical Science is an advanced degree with a cumulative GPA exceeding 3.50.

Courses include a minimum 4.0 GPA and a maximum of 3,500 cumulative GPA.

Cours are available to students of any college or universities.

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