College campuses across the United States have been experiencing a surge in the number of new graduate degrees, and the number is expected to continue to grow.

In fact, the number for the first time surpassed 1 million in 2016.

As the U.S. economy recovers, students have been choosing to specialize in fields that require advanced skills and experience, such as health, law and business.

But the field of academic degree programs can be challenging to navigate and, in some cases, difficult to find.

Here’s what to know about what academic degree paths are available at your school.

Academic degree pathways: Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree options are still popular for those who want to pursue a degree in an academic discipline.

The first four years of a bachelor’s degree typically take a minimum of six years to complete.

However, most universities have graduated many of their current students in their second or third year.

Students with a master’s in business can earn a bachelor of arts degree in just three years.

Many universities offer graduate programs in business administration or economics, which can help prepare students for jobs in the private sector.

Students interested in a degree program in a specific discipline can apply for a graduate degree, but many graduate programs have limited courses that offer the opportunity to specialize and work in a particular area of study.

A degree in engineering, for example, may be offered as an associate’s degree, and many programs offer an associate of science degree in electrical engineering.

But many students will find a different kind of graduate program appealing.

An associate of the arts degree, for instance, can be offered by a university that focuses on art, theater or design, and a master of the art degree by a school that specializes in music.

Both of these types of degrees offer students a chance to take courses that are unique to their chosen discipline.

Students looking for a master degree in business have the option to apply for one of two types of master’s degrees.

The Associate of Arts in Business Master of the Arts degree can be earned in just four years and is offered in a variety of academic disciplines.

This type of degree offers a chance for students to specialize, gaining valuable experience in areas like business administration and economics.

But some universities require applicants to take at least one course that focuses solely on business.

A program that focuses primarily on art and design also offers a degree that will not only be recognized by employers but can be transferred to a new program.

For example, a program in business accounting may offer an undergraduate degree that is only a certificate.

Other programs that focus on an art or design degree may not offer a certificate of completion.

A master’s of the business degree is a degree with more than one type of requirement, which may be considered a specialization.

Many students who want a master in business will need to take more than three years to earn their degree.

And some graduate programs require students to take a certain number of courses that require specialized knowledge.

For instance, the Associate of Science in Finance Master of Science may require students take a business course with more knowledge of financial accounting than the master’s that is offered by the School of Finance.

For the first two years of graduate studies, a business degree requires completion of at least 30 credits of business courses.

This can be difficult to complete and many students with this degree are unable to find the course they want.

A graduate degree in education is a bachelor degree that provides a general education in an area of interest to a career in a field of study or that has a focus on learning how a particular field of work affects students, such to the field in which they are interested.

For students who are interested in the subjects covered by a master, they may need to complete up to eight credit hours of advanced courses.

Students may also take a graduate program in social work, which is an educational program that provides courses in counseling, social welfare, and social work administration.

Social work can be a great choice for those looking to work in social service or to develop a career within the profession.

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