The University of Toronto is a large, well-funded university that can claim to offer a lot of degrees.

But when it comes to the job market, the university says it’s getting hit with an influx of job-seekers.

As a result, the institution has announced it is limiting the number of students who can take on a major academic bachelor’s degree program in the coming academic year, according to the CBC.

“The university is not only facing a major challenge to the supply of undergraduate degrees, but also to the university’s ability to attract qualified graduates and the university needs to respond accordingly,” University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor and dean of students Mark Tully told the CBC, adding that the decision to limit the number is part of a larger effort to make the university more affordable to students and to help it balance the needs of students with faculty members.

Students are finding that their degrees are too expensive, the CBC reported.

But as tuition has risen, so have the fees charged.

And some colleges and universities have seen the cost of attending classes skyrocket as a result.

The CBC reports that a university professor at a nearby university told the network that students are taking on loans to pay for their degrees.

While the professor says it is important that universities be “efficiently funded,” he says the situation is a concern for students and professors alike.

The University of Washington and the University of Oregon recently announced that the number-two and three slots in their undergraduate programs will be open to students who need more advanced degrees than they are getting.

While both universities say they have limited the number in their bachelor’s programs, the schools said that their decision to open up their programs to students was prompted by an increase in applications for degrees from students who had earned an undergraduate degree and not a professional credential.

“There is no guarantee that all of our students will be able to complete their bachelor degree program,” the universities said in a statement to The Verge.

“We are working hard to ensure that all students who complete their programs are able to obtain the degree they need.”

In addition, the University at Buffalo announced this week that it will also allow students to take on graduate courses that include additional courses outside of the bachelor’s program.