Students and their families are lining up at the University of Guelph’s academic program office as they wait to receive their degrees.

The university says it’s working with the province to improve the system and hopes to have certification programs in place by the end of the year.

But the process has been a struggle, said Elizabeth Rennie, vice-president of academic affairs.

“I’m not sure why we need to be doing it at all, it just doesn’t make sense for our university system,” she said.

She said the province has already invested $1.5 million to help with the program.

“We need to ensure that this is a cost-effective program,” she added.

The academic degree process is currently in its third year, with the goal of certifying 3,500 full-time and part-time employees in 2019.

The first phase of the program began in March, and it has enrolled around 7,500 students since then.

Rennia said the program has been very successful so far, with a number of students earning their academic degrees.

“There is a lot of excitement for this program,” Renni said.

“The university has been extremely supportive and we’re very happy that they’re able to offer this program.

We’re hopeful that they’ll be able to continue to offer it and we hope to continue supporting it.”

The province also announced in April that it will spend $1 million on the program, to help it meet its certification requirements.