It was a thrilling finish, but not the type to give the Italian champions the edge they desperately need to end their three-match losing streak. 

Juve were not without their flaws in a match that was largely dominated by defensive misjudgement and poor defending. 

They looked tired on the day, and while they did make an effort in the first half, the pressure they placed on Roma was overwhelming. 

The Italian champions were caught out by an incisive strike from Alessandro Di Stéfano, who hit a shot over the bar, and was followed by a cross from Fabio Parolo which he headed into the net. 

It looked like an innocuous shot, but it was headed in by Di Stèfano who had a hand on the ball when he crossed it into the path of Parolo. 

He took a few steps before hitting the post, and the crowd was left to watch as he tried to get a hand to it. 

There were no celebrations after that, and it seemed as though the team was content with their 3-1 win. 

But the victory did not make Juventus any more comfortable in their position. 

With two matches remaining in the Serie A season, Roma have a lot to play for. 

“It’s a tough game against a team like Roma,” said Nesta. 

Di Stètano said he felt he was a little unlucky in that goal.

“We were defending very well and got a few good chances, but we did not finish,” he said.

“But I’m happy to get the goal because I thought I could have scored the other one.” 

He added: “We lost the game, but the first goal was a bit of a surprise.

I had an opportunity to score the goal and I didn’t take it.

I was a player that had to take risks.” 

Juventus are just two points clear at the top of Serie A with nine matches remaining.