The College Board is rolling out its annual rankings of the nation’s colleges and universities, but the most academic degree in the country, a bachelor’s degree in social work, will now be called a doctorate.

The College Board announced the changes on Thursday, and it is the first of the major accreditation agencies to formally announce a change.

The American Psychological Association, the American Bar Association, and the National Council of Teachers of English and Mathematics will not change their standards for bachelor’s degrees, which they have been calling the master’s degree for decades.

But the APA and the APMME have issued guidelines that say that a bachelor degree is a “higher degree of education.”

The APA also has issued guidance for the profession, telling graduates that they can pursue “any of the degrees in psychology, social work or social sciences” without having a doctoracy.

“The purpose of this new designation is to facilitate a broader range of education choices by allowing individuals to choose a more varied and comprehensive path to a graduate degree,” APA chief executive Christine Dyer said in a statement.

Many of the programs will be available online, and those that have not already opened in schools around the country will.

This year, colleges will have to update their online catalogs, which the APPA says are now “better” than previous editions.

More than 30% of bachelor’s programs will now require students to have a Ph.

D. degree, which is one of the highest rates of the professional field.

While APA guidelines do not require students who are pursuing a master’s to have the degree, some schools are beginning to restrict their admissions policies for those with bachelor’s.

The College of William and Mary, for instance, says that only one-third of applicants with bachelor degrees will be admitted.

Students who need to earn a doctorates must have completed at least 30 hours of graduate work.

The college will require graduates to take the GRE and SAT and take classes outside of the classroom.

In addition, colleges can now only accept students with at least a bachelor of science in psychology or social work and have to accept students who have completed more than six hours of undergraduate work at their university.

Some schools will also be able to only accept applicants who are applying to graduate programs, which could limit the number of students who get accepted.