Clemson offensive linemen Nick Rolsle says his college career was never over and he doesn’t want to coach another team.

Rolsle has been in a contract dispute with the school since last fall.

The three-star prospect from St. Petersburg, Florida, recently told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that he doesn.

The news comes just days after Clemson announced Rolsles future, with the quarterback saying he’s “not interested in anything” beyond coaching.

In an interview with the Sentinel, Rolsly said he’s been “pursuing other opportunities in life.”

“I don’t want my career to end,” he said.

“I’m a professional athlete.

It’s not about what people think.

I’m a man, I play football.

That’s it.”

Rolsles comments come as Clemson coach Dabo Swinney faces growing pressure to resign after the school admitted its top football coach was guilty of sexual misconduct with multiple female recruits, including three students who claim he raped them.

The university suspended Swinneys football coach earlier this month and replaced him with interim head coach Brent Venables.

Clemson was also charged with two felony counts of filing a false report.

Rolle told the Sun-Times he was unaware of the charges until they were announced on Wednesday.

He said he was told by Venables’ lawyer, David Koehler, that Rolsels future was still up in the air.

Roles comments came as he was in the middle of an interview for a position with a new coaching staff.

“I’m trying to focus on football right now and things are moving along,” Rolsiles told the paper.

“It’s not my place to be in any way.

It is just how things are going with my teammates and my coaches.

They are doing their job, they’re doing it the right way, and I just have to move on.”

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