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Why are students going back to school for the first time in their lives? · K shop

AUSTRALIA’S top academic degree may be a bit too far-fetched for some students.

Posted by News.au on Friday, August 21, 2018 14:11:23The ACT University has just launched an initiative to offer students a one-on-one academic tutor.

“We want to offer our students a more personal experience, one that is relevant to them and not just for their university degree,” said Associate Professor of Academic Training and Lecturer in Higher Education, Dr Peter Rolfes.

“The ACT offers over 40,000 degree-holders and over half of them will complete their degree in a year or less.”

While our degree-seeking students will not be able to complete all of the courses in the curriculum, we can give them a personalised experience to get a feel for the work we are doing.

“It can be something like a course in a particular subject, or one that they are interested in but are struggling with and don’t know where to start.”

“There’s a bit of a gap between what you’ve achieved in university and what you’re actually going to be doing.

So a personal tutor can help with that gap.”

Dr Rolfis said students could have a mentor who would teach them the basics of academic subjects, or a tutor who would provide a guided tour of the campus, or even teach them a lesson or two.

“A tutor can actually be part of the academic process, not just a tutor,” he said.

“I’ve seen it happen with some of my students in their studies, where a tutor would go into the lecture theatre and sit in with them to introduce themselves to the students, and that’s really helpful.”

If it’s a particular topic, the tutor can bring that to life and make sure the students understand what’s happening in that particular section.

“For students who choose to take up the ACT’s new one-to-one tutor program, the program will offer an academic tutor who will take on a new role every three years, based on the number of credits and subjects that the student has completed.”

For some students, that’s their first time doing a one on one academic tutor, so we can work with them through that experience and provide a personal experience to help them to take that first step.””

If you’re interested in one-off tutoring, that would be one of the three courses that you would have to complete, and we’d work with you to make sure that you’re ready for that.”

For some students, that’s their first time doing a one on one academic tutor, so we can work with them through that experience and provide a personal experience to help them to take that first step.

“The ACT has launched a one day academic tutor program on campus.

Read more about academic training and teaching:The ACT is an independent Australian university with an average student-to–faculty ratio of 1.1, with the largest proportion of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The ACT also has a number of accredited colleges and universities including The University of Technology, The University at Canberra, The Australian National University, and the Australian National College of Graduate Studies.

The academic degree awarded by the ACT University is recognised as a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and is a requirement for entry into any postgraduate degree program.

For more information about the university’s academic program and qualifications, visit the ACT university’s website:

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