The academic degree award is awarded to students for completing a degree program in an academic field.

Students can choose from four different academic degrees that can be completed through their university.

The following awards are currently available through the academic degree awards platform:1.

Bachelor of Arts: Bachelor of Business Administration (BABA) and Master of Business Development (MAED)2.

Bachelor in Business Administration: Bachelor in Management (MBMB)3.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business: Bachelor’s in Business (BBA)4.

Master of Science: Bachelor degree in a Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)5.

Master’s degree in Science: Master of Applied Sciences (MAS)6.

Doctoral degree in Arts: Doctoral in the Art of Health & Life Sciences (DALLS)7.

Doctor of Science in Arts (DAS)8.

Doctorate of Science degree: Doctorate in a Science (MS)9.

Doctor or Doctorate (DDP): Doctoral Degree in a Doctoral (DDS)10.

Doctor in Arts in the College of Arts & Sciences (ASAS)Academic degrees are awarded on the basis of the achievement and learning characteristics that have been established for the degree program.

This includes the quality of the teaching, the breadth of knowledge and the degree requirements for the subject area.

For example, the Bachelor of Education in Arts and Sciences degree may include courses in a number of subject areas, such as the art of writing, art history, music and theatre, architecture, art and design, anthropology, anthropology and social studies.

Academic degrees in a given field are recognised on the same basis as those in other disciplines.

The academic degree is awarded at the end of a program and is awarded as a fixed sum in addition to the tuition fees, fees for course fees and other fees.

Students can apply for an academic degree after their final year of study at a university.

Once they have been accepted, the academic program is awarded automatically.

If you do not wish to complete your program in one go, you can continue the academic course after your graduation.

To find out more about the academic degrees award, visit the Academic Awards page on the academic career portal.