The National Football League’s draft has become a hot topic for all sorts of reasons, including the fact that it is almost impossible to keep up with the best players on the field.

But one of the most compelling aspects of the draft is the fact it allows schools to see who their best prospects are going to be.

That’s the goal of this article, which gives an update on the prospects for the 2017 NFL draft.

It also offers some insight into how the draft has been shaping up so far.

We’ve covered the 2017 draft before, so let’s start with a look at how the league has fared so far and what it means for the NFL in the years to come.

It’s a big year for the college ranksThe 2017 NFL Draft will be the first in league history to feature a top-25 overall pick, according to ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. The top-ranked pick is Alabama’s Leonard Fournette, who is projected to go No. 1 overall.

Fournettes selection will be a huge boost for the Tide program as it enters the 2017 season.

This is a big season for the SEC and is the second consecutive year that the conference has had two top-10 overall picks in the draft.

LSU, Alabama and Texas A&M all had top-five selections.

Georgia has a good chance at winning the SEC, with its top-four pick, and LSU and Alabama both are expected to be contenders.

But the Bulldogs have a difficult task.

It will be difficult to make the Top-25 with a top four pick, which would leave the Bulldogs with the third overall pick and the need for two players.

This year, the Bulldogs will be at a disadvantage because of the talent at quarterback and receivers.

Georgia and Alabama will both have some talent and the Bulldogs are projected to have a quarterback, but it won’t be enough to make up for the talent gap.

The SEC has a lot of good playersThe SEC was a bit of a dark horse to make a deep playoff run last year.

The conference had just two teams finish the regular season ranked in the top 20, Alabama’s win over Auburn and Georgia’s loss to Tennessee.

Alabama, Auburn and Tennessee all had wins over the Bulldogs, but they finished the season in the same position.

That was just the first year since 2011 that the SEC was this far down the field of playoff contention.

The conference is a very deep one, with 13 teams in the Top 50, including 10 teams in a top five.

Alabama is projected as the best team in the league.

But that doesn’t mean the Bulldogs aren’t loaded.

The Bulldogs have plenty of talent on the offensive line, along with a quarterback in Fourné and a wide receiver in Calvin Ridley, who were the top three receivers in the country last season.

They also have two of the best offensive linemen in the nation in Leonard Faucett and Zach Banner.

The offensive line and the wide receivers are a strength, and it will be interesting to see how the offensive tackles and running backs fare against the Bulldogs.

Georgia’s best hope is a win against AlabamaThe Bulldogs might not have the talent to beat Alabama in the regular-season finale, but a win would be big for Georgia.

The Tide was the only team to lose to Georgia in the BCS title game last year, and Georgia had a good win over the Yellow Jackets in the national championship game last season to earn its spot.

A win against the Tide would also get the Bulldogs closer to a chance to play in the Sugar Bowl, a bowl game in which Alabama and Georgia would play two consecutive games.

Georgia would have to win at least two games against the Crimson Tide and Auburn to make that a realistic possibility.

Alabama might have the best defenseIn the BCA rankings, Alabama is ranked No. 7.

The Tigers were the No. 2 team in BCS’ final rankings.

But with five starters returning from a defense that was very talented last year and with new coordinator Chip Kelly, the Tigers might have to turn to more experienced players in 2017.

The defense is a strength and the defense’s top two linebackers are expected return.

They are the two best linebackers in the SEC.

Georgia might have a tougher task than expected with defensive linemen returning and the position is a huge weakness for the Bulldogs in the secondary.

But Alabama might have an easier time than expected in the conference championship game, which might give Georgia a better chance.

Alabama might be the favorite to win the SEC East, but the Bulldogs should be able to beat the Crimson, Tigers and Yellow Jackets, which is a good matchup for a team that won just four games in 2016.

Alabama needs help on offenseThe Alabama offense has struggled in recent years, but its offense has improved dramatically in recent seasons.

Last season, Alabama averaged 31.6 points per game, and that was the lowest average in the past five seasons.

That led to a lot more