The high school fresh graduates who are planning on starting college, need to be aware of the college degree levels that are available. The eligibility criteria for each and the degree suitable for a person according to one’s past education and future preferences are explained here. Different levels of degrees are offered by colleges and universities which ranges from associate degrees to doctoral programs. In the range of post-secondary education, four college degree levels are there: associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Two to eight years are required for achieving these degrees, which totally depends on the level of degree and the subject you are majoring in. The degrees have their own prerequisites. Specifically, in the graduate-level study course, one or more undergraduate programs are needed to be completed prior to enrollment.


The associate degree is a two-year program with enabling students to grab basics of the subject. The focus of these college degree levels is to prepare students for entry-level positions in numerous fields such as nursing, education, designing e.t.c. For some people, this degree is a starting point of careers while others may use it as a step further in higher college degree levels. Associate of applied sciences is available as a four-year degree. An associate of Science degree is also available. A high school diploma or equivalent qualification is needed for an associate degree program. One may also complete this degree online. 


Bachelor’s degree is considered an undergraduate level program taking four years into completion. A vast number of majors are available at bachelor’s college degree levels. The majors include; nursing, journalism, philosophy, psychology, arts, business, architecture, management, business, healthcare, aviation, engineering, information technology, education, film and television, math, law, music, tourism, liberal arts e.t.c. A bachelor’s degree is considered a sufficient amount of preparation and education for various career fields, equipping students to take any position in the job market with the skills transferred from college degree levels. However, for gaining higher positions in the job market for psychology and pharmacy you’ll need higher education degrees. Five types of bachelor degrees are available to be selected such as; Bachelor of Arts (ABA) considered the wildest bachelor’s degree. Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Fine Arts (ABFA) designed for professional painters, dancers, singers, and other artists. Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) covers courses in management, organizational psychology or decision making. Lastly, Bachelor of Architecture B.Arch is an essential component for aspiring architects. 


A Master’s Degree takes up 1 and 2 years to complete. Allowing students to specialize in one area of study. It has a minimum GPA requirement as well. Lastly, a doctoral degree or Ph.D. program is considered the most advanced form of degrees available. A master’s degree is required to reach into a Doctoral Program.   

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