Co-education, mixed-sex education or mixed-gender education is the system of education with males and females studying together. Coeducation is a significant education of males and females under the same roof. “Co-ed” is a shortened term for “co-educational,” and is sometimes used informally. Past 1960s most private institutions of higher education kept their enrollment to a single-sex. In fact, most of the primary or secondary education systems kept their education of single-sex. However, modern-day education is primarily co-educational, yet many single-sex educational institutions exist, and single-sex education is seen to be undergoing a rebirth of popularity.


Historically speaking, many countries had schools for boys only. Even girls being allowed to attend school they could not go past the primary school. In western Europe, Protestant groups urged to initiate co-education wanting both girls and boys to read the Bible. In the British colonies, the Quakers helped to promote co-education. Co-education was firstly embraced by Scandinavian countries. Coeducation, however, is not prevalent in the Middle East, considering it restrict the cultural and religious values of males and females. Some primary schools are coeducational, and most are separated by gender. It is also seen in the united states that most schools are not co-educational. Considering the pro-coeducation standpoint, institutions with single-sex are inherently unequal. People supporting coeducation are of the view that gender stereotypes are overrated and that single-sex education creates gender based educational limitations and creates discrimination when not offering courses as cheer-leading or home economics to boys, or football or wood shop to girls. People supporting single-sex education insist that this is not the case and that subversion of gender roles is being promoted by single-sex institutions. 


Without the incorporation of co-education, students are deprived of educational exposure and opposite sex exposure. Co-education is available at each level to be it kindergarten to Ph.D. There are many advantages of co-education. The main advantage is that it develops mutual respect for both the genders. It helps in many ways to overcome the fear of opposite gender. There is a very healthy competition between girls and boys when it comes to co-education. It helps in developing self-esteem among the genders. Moreover, it encourages the survival of students in the long run in each field of life. Co-education helps in character enhancement. There is no space for discrimination left when students are exposed to co-education. It promotes a healthy and controlled environment. Resource handling is also made easy with a co-education. 


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